UUCA Connection Circles

Connection Circles - Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron

UUCA Connection Circles

Connection Circles consist of 8-10 people meeting every two weeks to build community and to engage in meaningful spiritual conversation.

Connection Circles meet every other week for three months. Meetings are held at the church, are led by trained facilitators, and last for 90 minutes. A typical gathering consists of opening words, lighting the chalice, a personal check-in, readings, questions focused on a particular spiritual topic, and compassionate conversation that features deep listening and respect of the dignity and worth of every person.

What makes connection circles so meaningful is their emphasis on community, deep listening, and spiritual growth. Rather than being debates aimed at finding a correct answer, connection circles enable us to listen and learn from one another and to open our hearts and minds to the truth and wisdom that lives in each of us.

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