Racial Justice Task Force

Working within our own congregation and with the broader community to raise awareness around racial injustices and to take action to address and create change around institutional racism. 

RJTF Leadership

Racial Justice Task Force Meeting
Next meeting Sunday, November 18
 following service/coffee hour
All interested in participating are welcome!

Drive The Vote Akron is a volunteer-run program helping folks get to the polls for this November's Midterm elections. We're doing this because we believe that all Americans deserve a vote, including disenfranchised populations. There are tables to staff, registrations to check and a  "fleet" of drivers to build to drive folks to the polls.  We will be at coffee hour every Sunday.  Stop by and chat or email uurjtf@yahoo.com.
Need a ride to the polls?  follow link at www.drivethevoteakron.org or call the NAACP at 330-573-4986.
Thank you NAMI for providing a grant for voter education and transporation for your residents at Madeline Park!

STATE ISSUE 1:  Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation Amendment
We are proud of the support we could provide the Akron Organizing Collaborative in collecting signatures to get this amendment on the Ballot in November.  Read about the ballot initiative here.
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