Youth Grades 6-12

Youth Grades 6-12 - Children & Youth At Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron

Sunday School Classes for Youth & Teens

Our Sunday School curricula explore five major themes: Unitarian Universalist Identity, World Religions, Social Justice, Judeo-Christian Heritage, and Spiritual Self Development.

2016-2017 Curriculum

Middle School-Grade 6-8

Heeding the Call - Qualities of a Justice Maker:

Heeding the Call is a social justice curriculum that not only explores linked oppressions in our society, but also encourages participants towards personal growth in values that counteract the marginalization of others.


High School- Grade 9-12

Building Bridges : World religions and their relationship to Unitarian Universalism

Listening between the Lines:  Finding meaning through popular songs

Dear U-ey : How do we help ourselves and others make ethical decisions?

Summer for Youth & Teenagers

Middle School and High School classes take a break in the summer, though many youth attend worship with their families or gather in the high school room with friends.

Special Programming for Youth & Teens

Coming of Age

This is  Coming of Age year!

Coming of Age guides and empowers young people and their families during the transition time between childhood and adulthood. It is a special program for 8th and 9th Graders offered every other year incorporating fun, experiential learning, community building and personal reflection.


COYA Youthgroup - Community of Youth and Adults

COYA is our youth group for grades 7-12. Members plan and participate in social events, field trips, social justice and fundraising projects which build community and develop leadership skills. It is youth lead with the support and guidance of adult advisors. COYA meets at noon on the first Sunday of each month in the high school room.


District Youth Conferences (Cons)

Many of our youth attend youth conferences organized by the Youth Adult Committee (YAC) of the Ohio Meadville District (OMD). Cons bring together Unitarian Universalist youth from a four state region for worship, workshops, social justice projects, and just plain fun. Con activities are organized and facilitated by youth with the support adult advisors. Info at

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