Children Grades K-5

Children Grades K-5 -  Children & Youth At Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron

Sunday School for Children K-5

Our Sunday School curricula explore five major themes: Unitarian Universalist Identity, World Religions, Social Justice, Judeo-Christian Heritage, and Spiritual Self Development. We use published, professionally developed curricula for all grades.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron
Children and Youth Religious Education Classes 2017-2018

Preschool - 3 and 4 year olds

Celebrating Me and My World, begins by celebrating the wondrous qualities of the children themselves and then connects them to the world and people around them. The class emphasizes skills in making friends, learning and playing cooperatively.

Kindergarten - Grade 1

Chalice Children helps children learn about their church and the values we embrace through rhymes, games, finger plays and art projects. The curriculum connects the church to the home and family through experiences appropriate to the natural religious development and curiosity of young children. Wonderful Welcome helps children explore how and why we are willing to welcome others into our lives. We welcome family members, peers, neighbors, new acquaintances, and even our animal friends and nature itself.


Grade 2-3

UU Super Heroes tells the stories of Unitarian Universalists who fit the mold of Super Heroes; their lives marked by courage, compassion and justice-making. Moral Tales explores stories that provide children with spiritual and ethical tools to make choices and take actions that reflect their Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values. 



Grade 4-5

Spirit of Adventure Through unique themes such as sports, medicine, architecture , science, and food, this curriculum comes alive through the people, history and holidays of Unitarian Universalism. Written especially for active children, it incorporates multiple learning styles. Toolbox of Faith invites participants to reflect on qualities of our Unitarian Universalist faith, such as integrity, courage and love, as tools they can use in living their lives and building their own faith.


Summer Programming for Children K-5


June & July

Fun and Friends program for elementary aged children. Fun and Friends is a gathering of children for games, art activities and making friends during the 10:30 worship service. Teens often join in too, just for the fun of it!


UU Summer Camp Sundays - Each Sunday is a special program for elementary age children lead by a special guest presenter. Past sessions have included activities such as native American ceremony, musical games, wildlife rescue and yoga.

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